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Greenfield Students are ‘Being Green’

posted 24 Apr 2019, 00:12 by Daniel Potts   [ updated 24 Apr 2019, 00:12 ]

Students from Greenfield Community College have been thinking about the future of their planet and how they can contribute to positive change.

During this terms enquiry the students have explored environmental aspects of ‘Being Green’ and it has made the young people more aware of recycling and the impact we are having on the world today.

Students have used plastic bottles to create everything from bird feeders to plant pots and some of the work has formed a wonderful display in the foyer at Greenfield Arts. Other students have researched what we can do now to reverse the effects of global warming and change the future of our world and a group of students have established a recycling club to solve some of the problems with waste in our area.

The enquiry has taken place in T4S (Time for Success) a timetabled session at Greenfield that allows for self-led learning and the opportunity to develop ideas for debate and discussion.  The students have been enthusiastic advocates of ‘being green’ and are continuing to develop their voice and be confident in discussing and debating important topics.