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Greenfield Students Appreciate Creative Opportunities

posted 29 Oct 2020, 04:47 by Daniel Potts   [ updated 29 Oct 2020, 04:47 ]

Groups of students from Greenfield Community College are being offered the opportunity to work alongside professional artists in ground-breaking projects.

Creative Director at Greenfield Arts, Katy Milne, will be leading the projects that will allow students to learn new skills and develop learning resources for themselves and others.

Year 9 student Alexandra was thrilled with the chance to make such a difference,

“I didn’t think when I joined the leadership group that I would have the chance to be part of such amazing things, to design the student journal, be part of a film-making process, to be asked by artists for our ideas and make such positive things happen”.

Greenfield Community College received an award during the summer for their commitment to Student Voice and the creative projects will encourage the continuation of the many aspects that they were recognised for.

This week the group had the opportunity to meet with James Bywood from Penstripe via teams to discuss their contribution to the student learning journal.  James is Marketing Manager for Penstripe, a company that produce 750,000 journals for schools, reaching as far as Singapore!  James initially approached Katy to find out more about the look and feel of the journal and find out how and why the students developed this everyday tool, as it is now an outstanding student learning journal.

Students are now looking forward to having the opportunity to working with visual artist Bethan Maddocks and collaborative artist Richard Bliss.  This will give them an opportunity to express their ideas and to contribute to wider public programmes of arts and creative work, continuing their learning development and achievements and sharing their work with the whole school.

Greenfield Community College is a Specialist Arts and Science School and offers extraordinary opportunities, that each and every student can take advantage of to develop fully their potential as ambitious, confident, self-led learners.  To find our more visit the website