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Greenfield Students and Staff Prepare for Success

posted 8 Jun 2018, 04:06 by Daniel Potts   [ updated 8 Jun 2018, 04:07 ]
The GCSE exam season is upon us and we couldn’t be any prouder of our students as they begin to take their exams at Greenfield Community College. The effort, commitment and hard work that they have shown has been superb on the run up to exams.

As well as their normal curriculum, students have taken part in a large number of exam masterclasses, bespoke revision sessions and last minute, marginal gains including exam booster sessions immediately before their exams. This has come on top of a fourteen-week Period 6 revision programme where they have studied outside school hours to give themselves the best possible preparation. The students really have pulled out all the stops to ensure that they are well prepared for these important examinations.

Students and parents have also informed us that there is a balance to be had at home between managing revision and sustaining a social life, a balance that our families feel that they have got just right on the run up to exams this year. Teachers at Greenfield have worked exceptionally hard to plan and create resources and materials to support students in their revision for the recently reformed GCSE exams. Students are very grateful for the work ‘over and above what is expected’ that their teachers have put in for them.

Head of School Stuart Dixon said ‘The run up to GCSE exams this year has been exceptionally well coordinated and will maximise the chances of success for all of our young people in Year 11. The only element that we can’t control or achieve through hard work is luck so we are keeping everything crossed and wishing all students in Year 11 the very best of luck in their exams this year. We are very proud of the work that has been completed by Year 11 students and teachers.’