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Greenfield Student Leaders Try, Achieve and Inspire

posted 28 Nov 2018, 07:15 by Daniel Potts   [ updated 28 Nov 2018, 07:16 ]

The student leadership team at Greenfield Community College have been delivering assemblies to the full school this week to feed back the many achievements made over recent months in key areas.

Following their campaign to understand and find possible resolutions to issues concerning students and staff the student leaders were able to stand up and relay how they have approached each item and the positive changes that they have supported. To communicate their achievements student leaders also screened their very own film which outlined how these changes have taken place.  The making of the inspirational film was an experience which not only acted as an inspiring visual example but empowered the students to be confident and able to voice their own individual experiences.

The team spoke about the impact of student feedback and how this had influenced the new house system, something which has brought the school together and improved communication systems within the school.   The film also depicted the ‘feet’ campaign, where every student had the chance to make positive change and have a voice, explaining how their ideas and worries can create a footprint on the school and how students and staff are listening. 

Student leaders at Greenfield have grown in confidence, they have spoken at a local conference, outlining their ideas and how they are working to take these forward.  Katy Milne, Director of Arts and Creativity, has been supporting and developing the team and is very proud of the progress they have made, “They have had a big impact on school improvement and have made sure the dialogue between staff and students stays open.  They have influenced many whole school changes and decisions including the house system, staff training and school uniform” said Katy.

The team are expanding and have had a high number of interest forms from other students.  They are looking forward to other great achievements in the New Year including developing a student voice conference.  What great leaders of the future.