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Greenfield Student Inspires Artist in Nationwide Campaign

posted 9 Apr 2018, 00:50 by Daniel Potts

In August 2017 Keiran Witton, a Year 7 student at Greenfield Community College, was chosen along with only seven other children from around the country to take part in a three-year nationwide campaign with the Royal Society for Blind Children (RSBC) and the #every blind children campaign.  The campaign aims to raise awareness, dispel the myths surrounding childhood sight loss and encourage support for more children and their families across the country.

Keiran was diagnosed with Stargardt’s Macular Dystrophy at the age of nine, which causes progressive vision loss and leads to eventual legal blindness. As part of Keiran’s involvement in the campaign he has had the opportunity to visit London to take part in a photo shoot and interview and meet world renowned artist ‘Robert Montgomery’, a fantastic experience.  The artist was so inspired by the children he has since created a custom designed vehicle with an illuminated light poem and video installation which will shortly be on tour throughout the whole country.

In January Keiran was invited to Granary Square, Kings Cross London for the launch of the campaign and tour.  It has been an amazing experience for Kieran and staff and pupils at Greenfield are very proud of his positive and important contribution. The campaign and ‘light poem’ has even gained royal approval as the RSBC received a letter from Queen Elizabeth displaying her interest in the ’light poem’ and how it had been inspired by the children.