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Greenfield leads on Global Stage

posted 25 Feb 2014, 01:25 by Unknown user

On Wednesday 12th February representatives from 17 schools visited Greenfield Community College as the 'Expert Centre' for the 'Global Learning Programme, funded by the Department for International Development.

The goal of the Global Learning Programme is to have 50% of all schools in the country working in the area of global learning and development education in the next 5 years. Greenfield is leading a network of 17 schools, intent on making a difference for young people by developing a whole school global curriculum. Through this curriculum students develop the knowledge, skills and values which enable them to understand the world in which they live. The programme will have a huge impact on their understanding of social justice, how they can challenge poverty and on developing their critical understanding of international issues and topics.

Following the successful day of training and information at Greenfield, the network of schools will now go back to deliver the global curriculum in their own establishments before coming back together to continue the development over  a further four full training days.

Assistant Head Teacher, Stuart Dixon, who is leading the project at Greenfield said, 'The GLP is an exciting opportunity for like-minded schools to come together to make a real difference for the young people they cater for. The development of essential skills and a greater understanding of the world around us will impact upon achievement across the school and on lifelong learning skills. This is a strong team of schools and colleagues who are intent on making a significant impact on achievement and confidence on a regional basis.'

Greenfield was chosen as an “Expert Centre” for the programme because of its excellent reputation for global learning and for providing a range of opportunities for students and staff which include teacher exchange opportunities, global learning “drop-down” days and innovative methods of learning both inside and outside the classroom. Greenfield feels privileged to have its excellent work acknowledged and to be given the opportunity to share its vision with other schools.