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Greenfield go Ghost-Hunting

posted 22 Mar 2017, 05:38 by
On the 3rd of March, staff and students from Greenfield Community College visited Chillingham Castle in Northumberland for an historical ghost tour. Reputedly the most haunted castle in England, Chillingham was home to the famous Grey family since the 12th century. Originally, the castle existed to repulse the Scots and maintain the English border. Hundreds of Scots were tortured and murdered within the castle walls, with many more hanged in the nearby forest.

The tour started in utter darkness as the guide described the various ghostly sightings over the years and the remains of women and children found in the castle walls. Students spent two hours exploring the ancient building and, for many of them, experiencing strange encounters.

In the end, no one could face the thought of going home - everyone made sure to check under their beds!