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Greenfield Community College Supports university research

posted 5 Oct 2017, 01:29 by Daniel Potts   [ updated 5 Oct 2017, 01:30 ]

The school has held a financial capability award for several years now and today we strengthened our money management programme by inviting 7 alumni from the school to advise year 10 students on financial issues they are likely to meet when progressing onto post 16 education or training.

The 7 alumni were from a variety of backgrounds and transition routes from apprenticeship to vocational courses to the more academic A Level routes.

'A very useful activity which proved an excellent way to make students aware of issues relating to being financially competent.'

'They were honest and articulate mentors who were good at getting their opinions across.'

Edinburgh university's brief was:

Near-to-Peer Financial Education Trial

Young Enterprise & University of Edinburgh

21st September 2017


We are looking to test how students react to discussions around money and finance with near-to-peers.

To test this, we are going to work with two secondary schools in England and two secondary schools in Scotland.  We will use one of our education consultants to facilitate a 45 minute near-to-peer session with approximately 30 current Yr10/S4 students. 

To assess student’s reaction to his intervention the University of Edinburgh are developing an online pre survey and a post survey which the students would complete before and after the session.

A great success!