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Greenfield Community College Supports Traffic Safety Awareness Week.

posted 29 May 2014, 02:00 by Unknown user

Last week staff and students at Greenfield refreshed their campaign to keep students safe as they arrive on a morning and leave at night.

Last November students carried out a democratic vote focused on the speed limit along Greenfield Way. There was a very strong feeling that the speed limit should be reduced to 20 mph during peak times, currently it is 40 mph.

We have worked with the Police and the Council in an attempt to achieve this, hopefully students will see their campaign come to fruition in the near future.

Last Wednesday we were joined by the Police who agreed to carry out a speed check on vehicles who pass the school. We have reminded everyone of our system for dropping off and collecting students and have spoken to parents and carers to remind them of safe practice.

On Friday students turned out in mufti to remind everyone of our “20 is plenty” campaign. They were raising money for Stephen’s Story (Cancer Charity) and Farplace Animal Rescue Centre. They were joined by Police and Crime Commissioner, Ron Hogg, who wanted to see our traffic system in operation, following advice from the Police eighteen months ago. 

We have come a long way since the launch; however there are still a few concerns with unsafe procedures and the speed limit on Greenfield Way.

Safeguarding all of our students is of paramount importance to us at all times, we will continue to strive to provide a safe and secure environment  in which our students feel valued. Traffic awareness is part of this and is everyone’s responsibility.