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Greenfield Celebrate Success and Achievement

posted 15 Nov 2017, 06:11 by Daniel Potts

Year 11 leavers returned for a very special evening to celebrate their recent achievements at Greenfield Community College, both at the Aycliffe Site and Sunnydale Campus. The evenings were a great success with students coming along with their families to receive their GCSE certificates and take part in the annual awards ceremony, a very special date in the school calendar.

Executive Headteacher, David Priestley was thrilled with the turnout, “as always on these occasions it is a delight to see so many of our past students again. They are returning to receive recognition for the effort they put in” said Mr Priestley. In addition to receiving GCSE and other academic certificates a number of students were also presented with special individual awards for outstanding academic and personal performance. Greenfield staff were delighted to welcome renowned writer and broadcaster Michael Chaplin who was invited to present the awards and wish the students success on their continuing journey. There was a great buzz in the room as the results were announced.

Students were nominated in subject areas and also for individual special awards, the standard of achievement was excellent and congratulations must go to all concerned, the following excelled in their category and were well deserved winners:

Aycliffe Campus: Jessica Yoltay (Design & Technology) Millie Tezcan-Fotoohi (English) Blake Metcalfe (Geography) Katie Lovelass (History) Ethan Suter (ICT) Aidan Wong (Mathematics) Charlotte Hugill (MFL) Melissa Foster (PE) Emily Halford (Performing Arts) Joshua Carrigan (Drama) Nicole Todd (Music) Christina Davis (RE) Aidan Wong (Science) Danielle Ord (Visual Arts) Lewis Burdon (Photography) Max Hunter (Outdoor & Adventurous Activities) Melissa Foster (Social Contribution) David Hugill (Attendance Award) Rachel Lovelass (Respect Award) Eleanor Allison (Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form Trophy) Charlotte Hugill (Progress Award) Christina Davis (Highest Academic Achievement).

Acting Head of School, Stuart Dixon was also keen to praise the year group “the class of 2017 was certainly a group of students that we will never forget!” said Mr Dixon “A group of young people who made us all here at Greenfield very proud on a day to day basis”.

Sunnydale Campus:
 Emily Anderson (Art & Design) Alicia Stewart (English Language) Korin Wenzel (History) Rebecca Stott (Geography) Abigail Charlton (ICT) Emily Lowery (MFL) Emily Lowery (Music) Bekki Ramsey (Photography) Sally Coates (RE Full Course) Caitlin Burke (Science) Cain Smith (GCSE PE) Alicia Stewart (The Moira Cansfield Award for Excellence in Mathematics) Charlotte Hubbard (Ian Jerred Award for Most Improved Student – Progress) Brydon Kenney (The Hays Travel Award for Best Overall GCSE results) Alexander Cleasby (QE Sixth Form Award) Shannon Spark (Mayor’s Award Community Spirit) Cain Smith (Adelaide Accolade) Bekki Ramsay (Brusselton’s Best) Sam Nelson (The Deanery Legend).

Deputy Headteacher, Mr Ron Milton was very proud of the year group and their achievements “It was fantastic to welcome back the Class of 17 and their parents to the Sunnydale Campus to celebrate their GCSE success. During their time with us, they were a group of students who paid a huge effort to their studies and acted as positive role models to others in the school community. It was great to hear how they are progressing with their post 16 choices and this is an exciting time in their lives, we wish them all the very best for the future.”

The evenings offered a lovely opportunity for all the students and families to catch-up and share some great memories, chatting with staff and bringing each other up-to-date with plans for the future. Staff at Greenfield Community College would like to thank everyone involved for two wonderful evenings and look forward to keeping in touch with future progress.