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Greenfield are part of King’s Global Event

posted 8 Feb 2017, 03:31 by
Students at Greenfield Community College were invited to take part in the biggest ever global ‘big question’ as part of Martin Luther King Day. The event marked the 50th anniversary of Dr King’s visit to Newcastle where he received an honorary degree from Newcastle University in 1967.

Children across five continents were invited to answer a ‘big question’ as part of a global SOLE event that had been created especially to celebrate the occasion. Professor Sugata Mitra who is the driving force behind SOLEs (self organised learning environment) set a challenging question “How is a massively connected world different to the one we have now and different to the one Dr King was in 50 years ago?” which inspired the students to come up with some very interesting thoughts and findings. Student's commented that as we have become more widely connected we have developed learning and become more understanding but in 50 years time will we think the same? The law is only as good as the person creating it.

Greenfield Arts were thrilled to take part in the event, which was held in their very own SOLE lab, Room 13. The results have been recorded through SOLE central and the ‘Freedom City’ initiative. Sophie Lewis, Arts and Community Centre Co-ordinator, was thrilled with the way the students developed the questions “Students have since took the enquiry on themselves during Time 4 Success sessions, which are enquiry based tutorial lessons, by looking into ‘is the law always right?’, showing real initiative and curiosity.”

To find out more about Room 13 and the SOLE project please contact us or see our blog on the Greenfield Arts website: