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Food/support packs for most vulnerable families

posted 18 Mar 2020, 07:26 by Daniel Potts   [ updated 18 Mar 2020, 08:24 ]

To all our families

In anticipation of emergency measures being taken over the coming weeks, Greenfield Community College would like to try and support the most vulnerable families in our community.  As it seems that many families are out perhaps ‘panic buying’ or maybe ‘sensibly preparing’ for effects of Coronavirus, we would like to help those that can’t perhaps easily afford such preparation.  

Our social media communication reaches thousands of people weekly and we feel we are in a great position to support others.

We will accept donations and sort these into bags (please send them in too).  We will then consider distribution of packs as families contact us with requests. Our priority families will be identified through Pupil Premium/free school meal status however we will also try to support any other family requiring a pack. Whilst there may not end up being a need for such supplies - we would like to be prepared just in case! 

We will be accepting donations of the following items from local businesses and Greenfield families: 



Dried fruit like raisins 



Long life fruit juice


Peanut butter

Porridge oats

Powdered milk or long-life milk




Tinned eg  baked beans, spaghetti

Tinned fish eg tuna, salmon or  sardines

Tinned fruit, eg peaches, grapefruit, pears etc. 

Tinned meat or a jar of frankfurters

Tinned potatoes, or Smash

Tinned tomatoes


Non-food items

Loo roll






Yours sincerely


Mrs A. Dixon

Assistant Headteacher