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Exotic Animals visit Greenfield!

posted 10 Mar 2015, 02:41 by Unknown user   [ updated 24 Apr 2015, 01:15 by Dan Potts ]

Year 9 pupils at Greenfield Community College were lucky enough to encounter Jay’s Jungle Adventures as part of their Youth Challenge project earlier this month.

As part of Youth Challenge, pupils have been studying a number of different animals, researching their habitat, feeding habits, mating rituals and population.

To consolidate learning and inspire interest, we invited Jay and his selection of exotic creatures to come along and meet us at Greenfield. We were greeted by: Meer cats, snakes, lizards, tarantulas, a blue-tongued skink, frogs and toads. Pupils had decided on a list of questions to ask Jay and he subsequently shared invaluable information about his animals. The pupils were fascinated to meet the creatures first hand and were delighted to hold them and stroke them.

Jay was impressed with the range and intelligence of the questions he was asked by the young people and he admired their enthusiasm and willingness to learn. The young people were extremely relieved that the big black snake didn’t strangle their teacher. Or were they?