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Cree Group Features in Cornish Publication

posted 1 Sept 2020, 08:06 by Daniel Potts   [ updated 1 Sept 2020, 08:06 ]

Greenfield Arts were thrilled to have played an important role in the major county wide Cornish Centenary celebrations last year.   

Our Men’s Cree group and a group of Year 10 Greenfield Community College students were able to work alongside spoken word artist Tony Gadd and visual artist Richard Bliss to bring together a response to the exhibition ‘Norman Cornish a Man of Destiny’ produced by Greenfield Arts.  We are delighted to announce that the creativity resulting from the work has been realised and published within a new publication.  ‘A Celebration of Poems inspired by the work of Norman Cornish’.

The anthology is described by the Cornish family as a “representation of a creative response to Norman’s work exhibited across six different galleries”.  The initiative has involved many groups who may at times experience a barrier to the Arts and has inspired and enabled individuals to create their own work.   As in the case of Norman Cornish who overcame many obstacles in his career, as the publication describes “he toiled to overcome hardship and prejudice on his journey to become a professional artist”.

It is wonderful to see poetry from across the region celebrated in print and the inspiration that Cornish has been to others, the following extract celebrates the man, his art and the people he captured in his work.

“Celebrate Norman, as

Norman Celebrates, the

People of Spennymoor

With the power of the pen

Pencil, chalk, oil and

Paint of canvas”


Thank you to the Cornish family and partners for the opportunity to bring the work of Cornish to Greenfield Arts in 2019, we are delighted to have contributed to the overall programme of activity and thrilled with the lasting legacy of the project. 

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