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A celebration of two campuses’ sporting success at Greenfield

posted 29 Jun 2016, 03:12 by
On Tuesday 21st June, Greenfield Community College held its annual Sports Presentation Evening. It was fantastic to see so many parents and families at school to support and celebrate the success of a school hall full of inspirational students.

This year has seen us embark on an exciting journey where PE has continued to grow across two campuses. The level of PE and school sport has been to an extremely high level with achievements on an individual and team basis, both on the Aycliffe and Sunnydale Campuses. Furthermore, it has been particularly pleasing to see success in the form of cross-campus teams. All pupils who attended received a certificate to celebrate their achievement in the vast array of extra-curricular clubs that Greenfield offer throughout the year. Those plethora of sports included football, netball, rugby, athletics, cricket, tennis, badminton, table tennis, cross-country, rowing, dodgeball, basketball, wheelchair basketball, indoor athletics, girls football, rounders, trampolining, gymnastics, sports leadership, boccia and handball.

The evening encapsulated a whole year of sporting success at Greenfield which has seen PE and Sport continue to thrive within the school. The first half of the ceremony presented opportunity to celebrate winners for personality, commitment, most improved, team of the year, sports leader, outstanding club performance and a dance award for outstanding commitment and performance. At the midway point of the evening a range of pupils were invited up onto stage for the infamous entertainment round, which was themed around a Question of Sport – a Euro 2016 edition. The pupils took part in the traditional Picture Round with a series of Euro 2016 football team flags. The final round saw a pupil from each team lead and act out sporting phrases and actions in the charades round for their team to guess, which, needless to say was extremely popular with the audience.

At the end of the evening the two most prestigious awards were presented for Outstanding Performance in School Sport with Adam Ord winning the accolade for the second year running for the boys and Christina Shodunke for the girls. Congratulations to all pupils who have represented the school this last year. You have done yourself, your families and your teachers proud.

Award winners

Sports Personality Male & Female – Connor Elston (Aycliffe Campus), Cain Smith (Sunnydale Campus), Tamara Gale (Aycliffe Campus), Ellie Geary (Sunnydale Campus).

Commitment to Sport Male & Female – Matthew Davis (Aycliffe Campus), Danielle Ord (Aycliffe Campus).

Most Improved Male & Female – Ethan Suter (Aycliffe Campus), Brooke Watson (Aycliffe Campus).

Team of the Year – Year 7 Netball Squad (Aycliffe and Sunnydale Cross-Campus Team)

Outstanding Performance in School Sport Male & Female – Adam Ord (Aycliffe Campus), Christina Shodunke (Aycliffe Campus).

Sports Leader Award – Charlotte Hugill (Aycliffe Campus)

Outstanding Club Performance Outside of School – Nathaniel Kitching – Rugby League (Sunnydale Campus)

Dance Award for Outstanding Commitment and Performance – Hannah Day (Aycliffe Campus)