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Greenfield Gallery Call Out for Artists Online

posted 21 Jul 2020, 06:36 by Daniel Potts   [ updated 21 Jul 2020, 06:37 ]

Greenfield Arts are launching an exciting new exhibition, Made at Home, to be shared online.  Although our arts centre facility is presently closed we are continuing to connect with our community through a programme of activities and are looking forward to being able to showcase a range of artwork.

Made at Home is a venture into a more ‘blended’ creative approach.  Artists can submit and share a digital image of a piece of art made during their recent time at home.  The artwork can be in a medium of choice and we are looking forward to receiving images of photographs, ceramics and textiles as well as drawing and painting.  It will be a lovely opportunity to support artists and share creativity in a positive way.  

The exhibition launch includes a video workshop by visual artist Bethan Maddocks who’s innovative and inspirational work will give a unique insight into Bethan’s approach and her use of paper as a material for her ideas.  

The deadline for submissions is Friday 31 July and there will be further artist workshops connected to the exhibition to inspire and inform.  The exhibition will run in from Monday 10 August to Friday 21 August 2020 and will be shared online reaching a potentially global audience.

Greenfield Arts are committed to promoting stimulating and creative arts opportunities that help develop creative connections within the community.  If you would like to find out more about our exhibition and our future programme of activities and projects please visit our website

Connecting with Cree at Greenfield Arts

posted 21 Jul 2020, 06:34 by Daniel Potts   [ updated 21 Jul 2020, 06:35 ]

Greenfield Arts are delighted to be able to start to re-connect with their Cree group. The group are planning to meet online with Creative Director, Katy and the Greenfield Arts team to share and explore ideas and keep in touch in creative ways.

This season, in a time of change, Greenfield Arts are looking at new perspectives and new possibilities.  The group are looking forward to working with artists and creatives in the near future including Bethan Maddocks who is artist in residence at Greenfield Arts during our 20th birthday year. 

Bethan is a visual artist who has created ephemeral installations that engage audiences and often works with paper and paper structures to explore ideas. Greenfield Arts are looking forward to working Cree and with individuals and groups in the community to create an exciting end of year exhibition.  The team are busy producing creative packs to be shared to all involved in the activities, also reaching those who are not able to participate online.

Cree are a group of male volunteers who work on a variety of projects that often benefit the wider community and are a creative contribution to their own wellbeing and we are looking forward to working with them in this creative project.

“It is lovely that we can keep in touch and continue our creative conversations” said the Greenfield Arts team.

If you would like to know more about Greenfield Arts, please visit our website where you can find out more or sign up to our monthly newsletter.  You can follow us @greenfieldArts or email our friendly team

Greenfield Launch Facebook

posted 21 Jul 2020, 06:32 by Daniel Potts   [ updated 21 Jul 2020, 06:33 ]

Greenfield Community College have launched a brand new Facebook page to reach their community and provide valuable communications.

The page, launched recently, has already attracted 14,000 hits as followers have enjoyed the infamous Year 11 leavers video. The video is an eagerly anticipated annual event that has laughter ringing out throughout the school.  It is wonderful that this has been able to be shared online by so many followers bringing back many memories and experiences.

Facebook will be a valuable way to reach the community and share information about Greenfield Community College, adding to other platforms and publications such as the school website, twitter, the school gateway app and The Achiever newsletter publications.

The class of 2020 will remember their leavers experience in many ways and will have further chances to share their experiences in the future.  The video is a snapshot of the very important journey students have made so far and we wish them every luck for their future.  If you would like to view the leavers video and the Facebook page in general please visit

Bouts Art Competition Exhibition For Young People

posted 16 Jul 2020, 06:57 by Daniel Potts   [ updated 16 Jul 2020, 06:58 ]

Exhibition opens: 20 July - 31 August 2020. Exhibition open daily from: 10:30 - 16:45

Bouts Art School Online

posted 16 Jul 2020, 06:51 by Daniel Potts   [ updated 16 Jul 2020, 06:54 ]

Every Thursday at 10.00, live 30 minute artist workshops on Instagram @thebowesmuseum

Greenfield Summer School Returns

posted 8 Jul 2020, 05:41 by Daniel Potts   [ updated 8 Jul 2020, 05:42 ]

Greenfield Community College are looking forward to welcoming a group of Year 6 students to a summer school as part of their transition to secondary school.

The creative summer school, led by Greenfield Arts, is a lovely way for students to prepare for their new journey, becoming familiar with their new surroundings, meeting some of their teachers and forming friendships whilst learning creatively.

Previous summer schools have proven to be a great success helping everyone feel confident and secure in their new environment.  Last year’s students were given the opportunity to work with an artist and make their own film, sharing a positive approach and highlighting how to develop skills and attributes when starting school.  The film has been shared with students at Greenfield and is a wonderful resource for other students. 

This year’s summer school, ‘Future Me’, will help prepare the students for their new journey and develop their ability to be self-led learners.  Greenfield will offer a safe and creative environment, taking into full consideration the expectations and guidelines in the current climate.  The students will be able to work creatively with artists and practitioners through their own creative project. 

This summer school offer is part of range of support and information provided by the school for new students and their families. Ms D Davis, Assistant Headteacher and Transition lead, has created a new webpage full of helpful information for getting ready to come to school, there is a virtual tour of the school to help students get familiar and there are weekly challenges to develop the Greenfield Learner attributes. Visit our webpage and look for the Transition tab for more

In summer school and throughout their school years, students are developing their ability to be self-led learners.  Greenfield Community College promotes an inclusive curriculum and a strong student voice, encouraging students to work together to realise an outstanding learning experience.  Greenfield Community College is a Specialist Arts and Science school and is committed to providing opportunities such as summer school to support students to reach their full potential.  To find out more about our school please visit our website or contact us by email for more information

Greenfield Recognised for Student Award

posted 8 Jul 2020, 05:29 by Daniel Potts   [ updated 8 Jul 2020, 05:39 ]

Greenfield Community College are delighted to announce that they have been recognised for their outstanding work and commitment to ‘student voice’.  They have achieved ‘Runner Up’ in a national Secondary School Voice Award.

Students at Greenfield Community College have been provided with a number of platforms and opportunities to ‘have their say’ and meaningfully contribute to their learning experience. This has included initiatives led by Greenfield Arts such as student leadership teams, conferences, projects, participation in teacher training, designing learning materials and taking part in a continual discussion and enquiry through their time4success lessons.


The voice of the students have also been communicated through their own ‘Newhounds’ team; they are a group of enthusiastic and resourceful young people who have been instrumental in contributing to publications and learning resources that reflect the voice of their peers and support school improvement.


The awards highlighted the breadth of commitment the school has made and how this creates a meaningful discourse between staff and students.  The judge’s comments were exceptionally positive about the work at Greenfield Community College, 


The sheer scale of projects and promoting student voice here was arguably the most impressive feature; the idea of leaving a "footprint" in school was a particular highlight! I also look forward to hearing more from The Newshounds in the years to come, as well as seeing more from those featured in and who helped create the video.

This school should also be highly commended for the mutual respect between staff and students that was so evident in their application.

Greenfield Community College is a Specialist Arts and Science School and is committed to providing opportunities to support students to reach their full potential.  Greenfield Community College promotes an inclusive curriculum and a strong student voice, encouraging students to work together to realise an outstanding learning experience.

To find out more visit our website  or contact us by email for more information

Greenfield Students Look to the Future

posted 29 Jun 2020, 03:47 by Daniel Potts   [ updated 29 Jun 2020, 03:48 ]

All students at Greenfield Community College have faced unprecedented challenges during recent months; it is inspiring to see how individuals have overcome obstacles and developed learning through these new opportunities. It is also good to see how Year 11 students are carving out future opportunities for themselves with support from expert teaching staff.

Careers lead, Mr. Tait has been continuing to support students in their career choices and has been tracking destinations and offering advice and resources to help students make the best choices for the future. 

It is wonderful to see so many students furthering their education, finding relevant training or employment and finding ways to build on their current achievements and progress made at Greenfield.

Students such as Year 11 Sydney who has been offered a wonderful opportunity to study and play soccer in the US; Kaitlin who is intending to study Veterinary Nursing at East Durham College.  

Matthew and Paige who are following their dreams as they continue their love of performing arts and Joe who is furthering his musical studies.   Three performers who will a big miss in future Greenfield Shows where they were previously key players.  We wish them and every student every success for the future.

Students across the school have also had the opportunity to work alongside mentors as part of the Future First initiative which encourages alumni to support current students and help them explore their next steps.  The programme gives a unique insight into professional roles and a range of employment opportunities.  The mentor scheme has been inspirational for Greenfield students.  Former students who have kindly shared their experience and inspired current students include Jemma Cheetham Senior Management Accountant who left Greenfield in 2007 and HR Manager, Jonathan Robinson who left Greenfield in 2006. A valuable contribution to help students realise their potential.

Greenfield is committed to meeting the needs of each and every student and supporting them to access their next steps. For further information about Greenfield Community College, or to join our alumni and get involved, please visit our website for more information and ways to get in touch.

Happy Birthday to Greenfield Arts!

posted 29 Jun 2020, 03:43 by Daniel Potts   [ updated 29 Jun 2020, 03:43 ]

Many individuals have changed the way they have celebrated their birthday over the past few months finding new ways to mark the day.  Greenfield Arts are no exception and were determined to celebrate their 20th birthday by reaching the community they love in creative and innovative ways.

Greenfield Arts are an arts organisation with an arts centre facility in Newton Aycliffe (working in alliance with Greenfield Community College) who collaborate to produce and commission high quality, dynamic and stimulating arts and creative activity across a range of art forms. Greenfield Arts have marked this special day (23 June) by sharing three wonderful commissions that reflect the many projects, events and activities over the past twenty years and celebrate their vision and commitment to promoting and stimulating creativity, curiosity and questioning across the wider community. 

Filmmaker Laura Degnan was awarded a commission to create a short film to celebrate the day; the lovely stop motion animation reflects the contributions from our community, who were invited to share their thoughts about creativity at Greenfield Arts over the past twenty years in a recent project.

Performance poet, Tony Gadd was called upon to put a similar sentiment into words, Tony who has worked closely with Greenfield Arts, was well placed to capture its very essence, vision and reach in a poetic and poignant piece, entitled Our Tree of Life. 

We are also very much looking forward to working with artist Bethan Maddocks continuing the celebration as Greenfield Arts comes of age.  Renowned visual artist Bethan Maddocks is exploring the idea of possibility, bringing together creative exchanges and conversations with the community that will inspire an exhibition to mark the birthday year, Finders, Seekers.

Greenfield Arts would like to thank all partners, funders and collaborators who have worked with them over the past 20 years and to the fantastic communities we serve. The team at Greenfield Arts are now excited to be looking forward to the next twenty years.  We are busy developing and programming projects, exhibitions and activities that can be accessed as we evolve through this time and well into the future, supporting artists/creatives and offering a true ‘centre of creativity’.

You can find our birthday film on our Facebook and Twitter pages @greenfieldarts and find out more by visiting our website, where you can sign up to our regular enewsletter.  Get in touch and wish us a big ‘happy birthday!’

Greenfield Gazette Goes Live

posted 22 Jun 2020, 06:54 by Daniel Potts   [ updated 22 Jun 2020, 06:54 ]

Greenfield Community College have launched a brand-new school bulletin as part of their commitment to keep in touch with students and families and the wider community during these difficult times.  This forms part of a communications programme to help inform and support learning and provide helpful signposting to relevant resources at this time.

It is also a chance to keep families up-to-date with any changes to the school arrangements and provide engaging reading, information and more.  The Gazette is additional to the termly newsletter, The Achiever, which is now available digitally and celebrates the many achievements of individual students and an insight into the exciting opportunities within the school.  You can find a copy of both publications on the school website

Greenfield Community College are continuing to offer a range of digital and written resources whilst opening its doors to vulnerable students.  Although school as we know it has changed students are continuing to take advantage of support from a range of people and places; families and teaching staff are finding new ways to support learning and students are taking it upon themselves to develop new knowledge to continue their academic studies.

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