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Greenfield Celebrate European Language Day

posted 13 Oct 2020, 06:49 by Daniel Potts   [ updated 13 Oct 2020, 06:50 ]

Students at Greenfield Community College and their extended dimension, Greenfield Arts have much to celebrate in relation to languages and learning about cultural diversity.

The recent European Language Day is a “celebration of the amazing number and variety of languages spoken across Europe. Schools and organisations mark the event every year to promote language learning and celebrate the linguistic and cultural diversity of Europe”.

Students at Greenfield Community College in the Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) department have been celebrating the day by taking part in activities such as language quizzes and exploring cultural diversity.  The department organise annual foreign excursions (at present on hold) and students study languages and culture of in depth throughout their time at Greenfield, having the opportunity to develop their own ideas and deliver presentations to their peers.

You can find out more about opportunities at the school via the school website where you can see samples of the many learning opportunities and the popular MFL virtual classroom where there is even a virtual trip to Paris, just visit

As part of their programme, partners Greenfield Arts, are also offering refresher sessions in Spanish where the community can improve their language skills and learn more about the culture of Spain.  Just visit to find out more and book your place.

Greenfield Community College is a Specialist Arts and Science School and is committed to providing opportunities to support students to reach their full potential.  Greenfield Community College promotes an inclusive curriculum and a strong student voice, encouraging students to work together to realise an outstanding learning experience.

Creative Designer on Board for Shildon in Motion

posted 13 Oct 2020, 06:48 by Daniel Potts

Greenfield Arts are delighted to welcome Sally Pilkington on board as part of the Shildon in Motion team  to help realise the design for the Shildon station platform as the project reaches the final stages.

Shildon in Motion is an exciting project that will realise a new artistic gateway at Shildon Station.  The new artwork is now in the final stages of the design process and will bring together a legacy of research and aspiration informed by the people of Shildon reflecting individual stories and the significant heritage of the town, past, present and future.

Sally has previously worked alongside Greenfield Arts developing creative designs and bringing a fresh new look to communications.  This is something that is sure to shine through the work at Shildon station and we are excited to share the final results.

Katy Milne, Creative Director at Greenfield Arts is looking forward to the final chapter and the unveiling of the project’s outcome, reminding all who visit the station of the past, present and future possibilities. “It has been a pleasure to work within the Shildon Community and hear from the many voices that will inform the project, thank you to all who have contributed to this valuable project”

Although the current climate has meant there has been limited face-to-face opportunities recently, the team have been working behind the scenes to keep on-track.

The project is supported by Northern Heartlands, one of the sixteen Great Place Schemes in England, funded by National Lottery Heritage Fund and Arts Council England and Bishop Rail Community Partnership.

Greenfield’s Virtual Tour A Success

posted 6 Oct 2020, 00:15 by Daniel Potts

Greenfield Community College are delighted with the response from families and the wider community who have taken part in a virtual tour of the school.

The virtual tour video, still online to access, has attracted over 3,000 hits so far and feedback has been very positive families throughout the region take time to make their choice of secondary school for September 2021.

The virtual tour includes valuable information about each department and an introduction to key members of staff who are able to talk about the many opportunities, the school’s vision and the extensive support that is on hand for each and every student.

Greenfield Community College have taken the decision this year to offer this opportunity online to give families a chance to take their time and revisit departments in a safe and thoughtful process.   Visit to find out more.

Ms. Davis, who heads the transition team at Greenfield, is thrilled with the response from families and the successful transition that Year 7 students have made in the first few weeks of term.  “We are very proud of our students and the way they are settling into the Greenfield community, we have so much to offer as they continue their academic journey”.

Greenfield Community College are committed to supporting young people and providing high quality learning experiences that help students to be the best that they can be. The school will continue to offer its broad and balanced curriculum that gives students opportunities to reach their full potential.  Contact the school office by email or by calling 01325 300378 if you would like any further details.

New Exhibition at Greenfield Arts

posted 6 Oct 2020, 00:13 by Daniel Potts   [ updated 6 Oct 2020, 00:14 ]

Greenfield Arts are delighted to announce the opening of a new exhibition at Greenfield Arts.  Nature and Community by artist Mike Connell is the first exhibition on display as the arts centre re-opens.

Mike is a well-known professional artist from Newton Aycliffe who captures the world around him with extraordinary vision and skill.  His exhibition is based on observation and experience, rolling through the seasons beginning with autumn and looking forward to the possibilities of the coming months.

The exhibition includes a unique insight into the artist’s work, including his research and sketches, which will be on display alongside his artwork in The Greenfield Gallery.  The exhibition runs from Monday 28 September to Friday 30 October.  At present the gallery will open from 10:00 to 19:30, Monday to Wednesday and 10:00 – 16:00, Thursday to Friday and it may be advisable to avoid the busy school exit time between 15:15 and 15:40 as Greenfield Arts share the site with Greenfield Community College.

Nature and Community embraces the season of possibility at Greenfield Arts and how we connect with nature, each other and the world around us.  To compliment the exhibition Greenfield Arts are offering an opportunity to take part in an outdoor walk/workshop with professional photographer Elaine Vizor and capture your own vision of nature.  To find out more visit our website or contact our friendly team by email

Autumn Programme of Possibilities at Greenfield Arts

posted 6 Oct 2020, 00:10 by Daniel Potts   [ updated 6 Oct 2020, 00:10 ]

Autumn is the new spring at Greenfield Arts as it is bursting with opportunities in the coming months.

The arts centre facility will open on Monday 28 September and boasts a range of dynamic activity and creativity and we are looking forward to seeing more of our community face-to-face,

Forthcoming exhibitions in The Greenfield Gallery include Nature and Community by Mike Connell and People and Places by Bill Hindmarsh, two renowned local artists with artwork that captures the voice of the region; the beauty of people and places and should not be missed!

There are a range of workshops and activities on offer which include Nature through a Lens with photographer Elaine Vizor, Sketching People with Graham Stead, Spanish Refresher sessions with Daria Coates and specialist wellbeing workshops with Leigh Johnson.

We are also delighted to continue with valuable projects working alongside students and the community.  These include the final artwork celebrations for Shildon in Motion, Finders, Seekers with visual artist Bethan Maddocks, Community Spirit, working with the Shildon community and a creative collaboration with the Anne Frank Trust,

We are also looking forward to sharing our vision with others as our Creative Director speaks at this year’s Imagine if... Conference which this year is online - organised by Culture Bridge North East. 

Our offer for young people and families will also include The Big Draw activity and our popular Festive workshops.  We are looking forward to welcoming our Greenfield community into the building in a phased return to offer a safe environment to all.

To find out more about our activities follow us on our website and social media platforms or sign up to our mailing list to keep up-to-date with the finer details or follow us @greenfieldArts


posted 2 Oct 2020, 05:52 by Daniel Potts   [ updated 2 Oct 2020, 05:52 ]

If a student tests positive for Coronavirus you must inform the school as soon as possible If a positive result is received out of school hours, between 17.00 and 08.00 Monday to Friday or over the weekend, please email

Greenfield Achievements Celebrated in Publication

posted 14 Sep 2020, 00:33 by Daniel Potts   [ updated 14 Sep 2020, 00:34 ]

Greenfield Community College are pleased to celebrate the many achievements and progress made by their students over recent months.

The latest edition of ‘The Achiever’, has been published to mark the accomplishments and resilience of students as they have faced unprecedented challenges.  Highlights from the latest edition feature individual and group successes, including the recognition the school has received from external agencies through awards, success in online learning and career news.  

Although the last few months have been challenging for everyone, students have been supported throughout and this edition gives the staff and young people the opportunity to voice their appreciation. 

Executive Headteacher, David Priestley’s opening message sets the tone for the publication “I am delighted to see our Greenfield community working together to achieve the very best for our students and their next steps.  This edition of The Achiever celebrates some of the ways we are moving forward and preparing everyone to be future ready.”

The edition can be accessed online via the school website  Thank you to all who have contributed and to ffreshcreative for design.

Greenfield Community College are committed to supporting young people and providing high quality learning experiences that help students to be the best that they can be. The school will continue to offer its broad and balanced curriculum that gives students opportunities to reach their full potential. 

Greenfield Students Return for New Term

posted 14 Sep 2020, 00:32 by Daniel Potts

Students from Greenfield Community College have been a credit to the school and the community as they returned to the school site.  Staff have worked hard and found ways for students to attend safely and students have adapted quickly, showing maturity and respect for the guidelines and each other.

There has been a staggered return, ensuring each year group become familiar with the surroundings and are able to concentrate fully on their studies.  During their time at home students found new ways to work and are being supported to build upon their achievements over the past few months.

Throughout the new term students will be able to continue face-to-face learning in a safe environment, applying their skills as they become confident self-led learners.  Year 7 students are settling in well following a comprehensive series of activities during their transition to secondary school.  The transition included a valuable summer school project, led by Greenfield Arts, as a group of students made valuable connections with the school and created an inspiring film working alongside professionals.

To keep everyone safe the school has introduced measures which include access to the site, as the school day has been staggered the gates will be locked until the last bus has left around 15:35.  There is currently no vehicle access to the site as students are leaving for the day.  Safety concerns has also meant that face to face parent’s drop-in sessions are presently on hold however the senior leadership team welcome parents to telephone the main office between 15:30 and 16:30 on a Wednesday to talk or make an appointment.

Greenfield Community College is a Specialist Arts and Science School and is committed to providing opportunities to support students to reach their full potential.  Greenfield Community College promotes an inclusive curriculum encouraging students to work together to realise an outstanding learning experience.

To find out more about the school and the forthcoming virtual open event for the 2021 intake please visit the website or contact the school office by email

Virtual Open Event at Greenfield Community College

posted 11 Sep 2020, 06:40 by Daniel Potts   [ updated 11 Sep 2020, 06:41 ]


Greenfield Community College would like to invite you to their online open event which is available from Thursday 24 September 2020.

This year Greenfield Community College are offering the opportunity to families and students to access the open event online and enjoy a virtual tour of their facilities and resources.   This will allow a safe and comprehensive event, with helpful information and guidance from each department.

The virtual tour of the school will showcase the broad and balanced curriculum on offer and can be accessed via the school website, just visit and follow the link to Year 6 Open Evening.

Greenfield Community College is an award-winning Specialist Arts and Science School. Their commitment to student achievement is reflected in their recent GCSE results with many students achieving excellent grades in a diverse range of subjects.

Students say, “The school has been superb both educationally and with the personal support received.”, “I love taking part in the clubs and activities that are on offer”.

Executive Headteacher, Mr David Priestley, is looking forward to welcoming prospective students and their families through this online facility.  “I am excited by this opportunity which will give families a safe opportunity to see why our school is so popular” said Mr Priestley.

The extensive curriculum allows for excellent opportunities and facilities for academic and extra-curricular activities, a range of sports clubs and access to support from on-site partner Greenfield Arts.

If you would like any further information you can contact us by emailing

Greenfield Arts Appreciate Generous Donation

posted 11 Sep 2020, 06:38 by Daniel Potts   [ updated 11 Sep 2020, 06:39 ]

Greenfield Arts were delighted to receive a donation recently from Brian Agar of Newton Aycliffe’s Community Support Initiative (CSI Aycliffe).  Brian has kindly honoured a donation of £300 which was initially suggested by renowned fund-raiser Honest John who sadly died earlier this year.

Brian can be found continuing in the footsteps of Honest John as the Community Support Initiative have premises on the first floor of the IES Centre, where they have a selection of quality used items for sale.

The donation is to be dedicated to the Cree group from Greenfield Arts and its members have been instrumental in bringing about this kind donation.  The group of male volunteers have been involved in a number of projects that benefit the community and improve their own wellbeing.  They are looking forward to being able to continue their valuable work in the near future.   

The group are scheduled to work alongside artist Bethan Maddocks as part of the Finders, Seekers project.  Bethan is a visual artist who often works with drawing and paper structure making and creates site specific ephemeral installations that engage audiences.  Bethan will be working alongside the Men’s Cree group and the wider community to stimulate creativity, questioning and curiosity. 

Greenfield Arts are delighted for the support from individuals and organisations in the form of donations and specific funding and are committed to engage with the community through the arts to bring about positive outcomes.

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