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The Impossible Steve Price

posted 9 Mar 2018, 05:19 by Daniel Potts   [ updated 12 Mar 2018, 01:07 ]

Y7 and Y8 students at the Sunnydale Campus were highly entertained on Friday 9th March by full-time professional magician Steve Price. Steve is one of the UK's busiest and most established magicians and he used his astonishing magical skills to amaze and amuse the KS3 students. He has over 15 years of performing experience and has worked at thousands of events in thousands of venues. In 2018, Steve will be performing in Madeira, Peru, Tahiti, Iceland, the Azores and the Indian Ocean.  His unique blend of laughs, mystery and stunning sleight of hand captivated his audience and left them feeling that Steve really could do the IMPOSSIBLE.

Harley Y8, said ‘Steve’s performance was mind boggling and thoroughly entertaining ‘. Gracie Y7, thought the performance was ‘unbelievable and so funny’

Thank you to the Reverend David Tomlinson for arranging the event on behalf of Greenfield Community College.


Greenfield are Students of Law

posted 27 Feb 2018, 08:20 by Sophie Lewis

Students at Greenfield Community College have been learning valuable lessons as part of Rights Respecting Day. Year 8 students across both the Aycliffe site and the Sunnydale campus came together to learn more about choices and consequences in society and what it means to have your rights and freedom taken away from you in relation to crime and punishment.

Students took part in a number of activities which brought home the effect of crime on both the victim and the criminals involved. ‘Street Scene’ gave an excellent demonstration of how petty crime such as ‘breach of the peace’ and ‘drunk and disorderly’ can impact upon society. Students were given the chance to participate in role play acting out scenarios in a light-hearted setting that achieved valuable results as students appreciated the effect on the victims, police time and ultimately the perpetrators.

Visitors from ‘Prison Me No Way’ made a real impression on students as they were able to access their mobile prison cell and learn about the conditions and consequence of criminal activities. Inhabiting the small space and sparse interior was particularly enlightening and volunteers from ‘Prison Me No Way’ were on hand to explain the daily routines of prisoners and answer the many questions raised by students.

Students were also able to hear about the experience of prisoners first-hand as individuals spoke sincerely about the poor choices they had made in the past and the consequence of their actions. Students engaged well and were able to ask appropriate questions. There were also sessions on hate crime and harassment and courtroom drama as students played out scenarios in a magistrates court.

The day was a great success with students gaining a broad base of knowledge about the consequence of crime. A big thank you to all of our visitors who led the sessions throughout the day.

Greenfield Students are ‘Super Learners’

posted 20 Feb 2018, 05:09 by Sophie Lewis

Greenfield students have been working extra hard in subject groups to get the best possible head start this term. Year 11 Students have come together for specialized sessions aimed to boost their knowledge and confidence in preparation for forthcoming exams.

The whole Maths team worked with Year 11 students from both the Aycliffe site and the Sunnydale Campus with a more intensive focus on maths, pooling resources and ideas to benefit each and every student involved. Staff planned bespoke workshops for small groups of students based on areas of improvement identified from their mock exams. Each student attended 4 workshops and the day ended with a team maths relay quiz - with prizes and everything! Mrs Claire Middleton, Director of Improvement in Maths, was thrilled with the results, “We were all extremely impressed by the level of engagement of the students and many commented that they had got a lot from the day, it was real success and great for all of the staff and students to have the opportunity to work across both campuses”

The English team also planned a dedicated event where Year 11 English students were given the opportunity to work together in the main hall going through past exam papers and generally preparing for exams. The English team enjoyed working together with the students who were able to gain tips on preparation and benefit from the shared knowledge and expertise of the English teaching team. They then had the chance to take part in a fun quiz which was a great way to finish off the day and another chance to work together and learn from each other.

The specialised sessions have given a real boost to the students giving them the chance to learn from an excellent team of staff and share good practice. Greenfield are committed to raising aspirations and finding innovative ways to help all of their students reach their potential. We wish all the students every success in their exams.

Greenfield Students Tackle Disability in Sport

posted 20 Feb 2018, 05:07 by Sophie Lewis   [ updated 20 Feb 2018, 08:42 ]

As part of Rights Respecting day students from Greenfield Community College have been gaining an insight into the lives of Paralympic athletes and the difficulties they have to overcome to compete in their respective sports. 

Year 9 students had the opportunity to take part in activities such as sit down volleyball, boccia and blindfold football. The activities gave students a real sense of the difficulties experienced by competitors and the extra resolve and determination that was needed to compete. The students commented that the day had been a fantastic experience and how much more respect and understanding they had gained for people who have to cope with a disability on a day to day basis.

Rights Respecting is part of wider initiative which is intent on raising awareness of injustice and enables students to not only learn more about equality and diversity but builds their confidence to form and voice their opinions both at school and in the wider community. The activities also support a commitment from Greenfield to encourage an inclusive culture that considers the needs and talents of every child.

Greenfield Arts Latest Exhibition

posted 13 Feb 2018, 03:28 by Sophie Lewis

Annual Open Art Exhibition
Thursday 8th March – Wednesday 18th April 2018

Greenfield Arts invites you
 to the preview of our latest Open Art exhibition on Wednesday 7th March 6pm to 8pm. 

This exhibition always provides a superb range of work in different media and contains a range of subjects. It is a truly ‘open’ experience including mixed media, sculptural work, textiles and even digital media. This year we are looking at ‘The Power of the Pen’ and how art can inspire creativity and passion in us all. You may find art to be therapeutic, expressive, or even empowering. Perhaps the expressive forms that art brings is how you find your voice or communicate with others. Maybe you write in your own time, possibly you dance professionally or maybe you just like to visit galleries to feel inspired. This exhibition is a display of the power and passion artists gain from their creative expression, it might even empower you in the process.

For more information please check out the website or speak with one of our lovely team members on 01325 379048 or

Gallery Opening Times: Monday – Thursday 10am – 9pm and Friday 10am – 4pm.

Greenfield students show a red card to racism

posted 13 Feb 2018, 03:24 by Sophie Lewis

Students from Greenfield Community College have once again come together as part of Rights Respecting Day to tackle important issues and learn more about aspects of equality and diversity.

Year 7 students from both the Aycliffe Site and Sunnydale Campus were given the opportunity to work together with the ‘Foundations’ team from Sunderland’s ‘Foundation of Light’ to learn more about racism, how it can be tackled and how every student can be responsible for giving it the ‘red card’.

Students were given challenges and arranged into groups according to their viewpoints, after further discussion from the ‘Foundations’ team and the students themselves it was amazing to see how opinions changed. Students began to take responsibility for their own actions and understand how their behaviour could have negative and positive consequences.

Year 7 student Sophie Capstack was keen to get involved, ‘we were asked our opinion about different things’ said Sophie ‘like is it okay for someone to use an aggressive word to describe themselves. I said that if you say something aggressive about yourself , even if it’s just a joke it could offend another person and this would make them feel bad, even if you mean it as a joke’.

This is one day when there is a ‘collapsed timetable’ at Greenfield and year groups come together from both sites to experience a variety of activities with a range of internal and external providers. Greenfield is committed to every student and the well-being of the ‘whole child’ and Rights Respecting Day is a valued part of this commitment.

The day was a great success and a big thank you to ‘Foundations’ team who were exceptional advocates, the students were keen to learn and were able to engage and enjoy the day.

Students Perform ‘Poetry by Heart’ at Sunnydale Campus

posted 6 Feb 2018, 03:57 by Sophie Lewis

Greenfield Community College, Sunnydale Campus were thrilled to host the return of ‘Poetry by Heart’ on Thursday 2nd February 2018.

The evening was part of a national initiative encouraging young people across the country to discover the joy of learning and reciting poems. The event was, yet again, a huge success. The hall was full to capacity with students, parents, staff and local dignitaries, including the Mayor of Shildon and the Reverend David Tomlinson in attendance. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed an evening of entertainment which included poetry recitals interspersed with a selection of stand-out singing perfomances. The event was introduced, arranged and concluded by students ranging from Year 7 to Year 11 and show-cased the exceptional talent within the local area.

Students performed a range of poems, inspired by poignant themes from ‘Love and Relationships’ to ‘War and Humanity’. This included original poems written by the students themselves and some excellent recitals of more established works.

Greenfield Community College are committed to developing skills in ways that will improve techniques and at the same time inspire a love of learning. The competition helps students understand more about the sounds of poetry as part of its meaning but also for pleasure and the opportunity to perform and bring pleasure to others.

The students involved were a credit to the school and performed with passion and enthusiasm. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house as Yr 10 student Leah Mundy sang a heart-wrenching version of Faith Hill’s ‘There You’ll Be’ and the audience were left in awe as student Robert Beeston performed, in character, the 56 lines of ‘My Last Duchess’, he was dramatic, ruthless and massively entertaining.

Well done to everyone involved in ‘Poetry by Heart’ it was a fabulous experience for all.

February Football Camp and Dance Class

posted 31 Jan 2018, 02:01 by Daniel Potts

Holiday Activities at Greenfield Arts

posted 30 Jan 2018, 08:10 by Sophie Lewis

Why not come along to our creative half-term holiday workshops with fun-packed activities for young people and families.

Greenfield Arts are offering a FREE activity programme, including Crazy Crafts and Window Wizards. Get crafty and see how you can create brilliant inventions from recycled items found at home, with artist Dawn Belshaw, or join our window design team, lead by artist Sharron Bates, and create a fabulous new story through art, which will be displayed in our entrance area.

Activities are suitable for all ages and families, children under 8 must be accompanied by an adult. Bookings are now open, please use the enrolment form found on our website to secure your place: For further information please contact our friendly team on 01325 379048 or they are always happy to help. 

A perfect week of skiing in the Aosta Valley, Italy

posted 30 Jan 2018, 08:08 by Sophie Lewis

A group of 43 students and staff from Greenfield Community College (both Sunnydale campus and Aycliffe site) enjoyed a brilliant time in Italy’s Aosta Valley when they took part in the annual ski residential travelling with Mansfield based Interski. Greenfield has visited Pila, a superb Italian ski resort boasting stunning views of Monte Bianco, for 17 years and hundreds of students have benefitted from the first class tuition provided by the Italian and British instructors. This year we had many students gaining the highly respected 5* award, proving them to be proficient skiers and able to navigate even the toughest of terrain. The group were also fortunate enough to benefit from fantastic conditions. Locals described the resort of Pila to have the best snow in over 27 years.

Learning outside the classroom is vitally important in enhancing the education of every child, and at Greenfield we aim to offer a range of opportunities to engage, enthuse and broaden aspirations. The ski residential is one such opportunity where pupils develop life-long learning, both on and off the slopes. Pupils learn a new craft but also realise a life changing educational experience. They are up early, into lessons all day, follow a comprehensive après ski programme and complete a full programme of school work on an evening. They work extremely hard and each and every one ‘grows’ during their week away; learning about themselves, the people around them and what it’s like to do things for themselves!

Assemblies have already taken place at both campuses to launch Ski Pila 2018. Follow us on Twitter: @GreenfieldSki.

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