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Space Age Education for Greenfield Students

posted 5 Dec 2017, 04:24 by Sophie Lewis

Students at Greenfield Community College have been given an exciting opportunity as Tim Peake’s Spacecraft arrives in the region.

On Wednesday 22nd November 2017 twenty eight Year 9 students, along with two members of staff were invited to a celebration morning for the arrival of the Soyuz descent module TMA-19M at the Locomotion Museum in Shildon where they were able to see this amazing piece of space history. Between 22nd November 2017 to 15th January 2018 Durham will host the Samsung-sponsored Museum Group National Tour of Time Peake’s Capsule.

As part of the tour a team of ‘Explainers’ from the Science Museum also delivered a Science show the ‘Greatest Hits’ to the whole of Year 9 at Aycliffe Campus as part of the celebration. The students were entertained by an amazing selection of experiments which had strong links to the curriculum. Ron Milton, Deputy Headteacher, said “It has been a great opportunity for our students, they have enjoyed exploring the themes of forces and rockets and the way it has been brought to life through links to Tim Peake’s Soyuz Capsule”.

The tour will also offer a further opportunity for Greenfield students to visit the National Railway Museum at Shildon to experience a fabulous 4D virtual reality experience of the descent of the Soyuz Capsule and parachute. It has been a brilliant opportunity for the students who have enjoyed being part of the event so far.

Drama Students Learn from Talented Professionals

posted 28 Nov 2017, 02:10 by Sophie Lewis

Students from Greenfield Community College were fortunate to gain valuable tuition from working professionals. On Wednesday 8th November both year 9 and year 10 GCSE Drama groups had the chance to work alongside professional actors and directors as part of their course.

Year 9 students worked with Shelley O'Brien from the Mad Alice Theatre Company, exploring ways to create drama. The group worked really well at using physical theatre and exploring personal experiences to shape a piece of drama.

The year 10 group were lucky enough to see 'Best in the World', a theatre piece by The Unfolding Theatre company, during their T4S sessions in school. Annie, who directed the piece, came in to work alongside year 10 on their devising unit of drama. It was great to see a different approach to devising and Annie gave the group a number of ideas about creating their pieces, which will now develop further into their GCSE course. The afternoon ended with a question and answer session. Annie was fantastic at working with the group and gave our young performers a number of exciting and creative ideas to take forward in the future.

Greenfield Take ‘Extraordinary’ Steps to Success

posted 15 Nov 2017, 08:39 by Sophie Lewis

Greenfield Community College are investing in an inspirational programme of events that will encourage students to reach their full potential and be fully active in their own learning.

Greenfield students at both the Aycliffe Site and Sunnydale Campus are enjoying the opportunity to reflect on their inspirations and develop their skills for learning. The programme opened with a fabulous live performance entitled “The Best in the World” performed by ‘Unfolding Theatre’ to every student in the school, a humorous but expressive performance with a special message that encourages students to ‘be the best that they can be’.

The show was a real creative stimulus and students were offered the opportunity to participate in on-stage improvisation becoming part of the performance itself. The plot demonstrates how it is possible to overcome obstacles and adversity to bring out the very best in yourself, a useful strategy in academic terms and beyond! Students also received the exciting news that the school were to welcome ‘Unfolding Theatre’ as its own ‘theatre in residence’ a rare opportunity to work alongside professionals and build upon skills and confidence.

Greenfield are privileged to welcome local writer and broadcaster Michael Chaplin who relayed the insights and experiences of his father, renowned author Sid Chaplin. Sid spent much of his life working in the mining industry but with grit and determination made the extraordinary happen writing for classic broadcasts such as ‘When the Boat Comes In’ and amassing a collection of literary work skilfully depicting life in the north east.

Talented writer and film-maker Laura Degnan will also be working on the Sunnydale Campus as writer in residence with a group of students who will be exploring what it means to be extraordinary. They will produce a book to share these stories and inspire the reader to reflect on their extraordinary skills.

Katy Milne, Director of Arts and Creativity is passionate about the project “We are using a creative approach working with creative practitioners in residence this term to support all of our students to develop the skills and dispositions they need to be effective learners. All of our students are extraordinary and this multi-faceted programme is helping them to reflect upon this and to build upon their skills”.

Student leaders are also working together to support students and staff to realise their skills and to work in collaboration to make the school a great place to learn. They will be leading assemblies and staff training this term to raise awareness of circumstances and conditions we need for excellent learning and to involve everyone in the process.

Danielle, a student leader said “we want to represent the students but need to ensure that we are all part of this journey of excellence together across campuses and year groups”.

We are excited to see the students begin to identify and reflect upon the skills and attributes they need to learn and continue to develop these skills across Greenfield.

Vibrant New Exhibition ‘Viewpoints’ at Greenfield Arts

posted 15 Nov 2017, 06:13 by Daniel Potts

Greenfield Arts are delighted to welcome ‘Interface Arts’ who have brought together a vibrant collection for their new exhibition.  The preview was held on Wednesday 1st November and provided an opportunity for people to come together to enjoy the artwork and chat to the artists about their inspiration and techniques. 

Viewpoints is a collective response to a number of ‘en plein air’ days.  As part of Interface Arts’ development and outreach programme members came together to draw, paint, photograph, stitch and sculpt to produce a body of work reflecting the gardens of County Durham.  The fabulous results can be seen on display until Wednesday 20th December depicting artwork inspired by local beauty such as the gardens at Wynyard and Mount Grace Priory.

Greenfield Arts welcome all to visit and see the exhibition during its installation at Greenfield Arts which runs alongside our craft programme with works from photographer Elaine Vizor and beautiful textiles and crafts from Helen Winthorpe Kendrick, many items are available for sale and would make lovely bespoke gifts.

If you would like any more information about our gallery or activities please contact our friendly team on 01325 379 048 or email you can also find much more information on our website

Greenfield Celebrate Success and Achievement

posted 15 Nov 2017, 06:11 by Daniel Potts

Year 11 leavers returned for a very special evening to celebrate their recent achievements at Greenfield Community College, both at the Aycliffe Site and Sunnydale Campus. The evenings were a great success with students coming along with their families to receive their GCSE certificates and take part in the annual awards ceremony, a very special date in the school calendar.

Executive Headteacher, David Priestley was thrilled with the turnout, “as always on these occasions it is a delight to see so many of our past students again. They are returning to receive recognition for the effort they put in” said Mr Priestley. In addition to receiving GCSE and other academic certificates a number of students were also presented with special individual awards for outstanding academic and personal performance. Greenfield staff were delighted to welcome renowned writer and broadcaster Michael Chaplin who was invited to present the awards and wish the students success on their continuing journey. There was a great buzz in the room as the results were announced.

Students were nominated in subject areas and also for individual special awards, the standard of achievement was excellent and congratulations must go to all concerned, the following excelled in their category and were well deserved winners:

Aycliffe Campus: Jessica Yoltay (Design & Technology) Millie Tezcan-Fotoohi (English) Blake Metcalfe (Geography) Katie Lovelass (History) Ethan Suter (ICT) Aidan Wong (Mathematics) Charlotte Hugill (MFL) Melissa Foster (PE) Emily Halford (Performing Arts) Joshua Carrigan (Drama) Nicole Todd (Music) Christina Davis (RE) Aidan Wong (Science) Danielle Ord (Visual Arts) Lewis Burdon (Photography) Max Hunter (Outdoor & Adventurous Activities) Melissa Foster (Social Contribution) David Hugill (Attendance Award) Rachel Lovelass (Respect Award) Eleanor Allison (Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form Trophy) Charlotte Hugill (Progress Award) Christina Davis (Highest Academic Achievement).

Acting Head of School, Stuart Dixon was also keen to praise the year group “the class of 2017 was certainly a group of students that we will never forget!” said Mr Dixon “A group of young people who made us all here at Greenfield very proud on a day to day basis”.

Sunnydale Campus:
 Emily Anderson (Art & Design) Alicia Stewart (English Language) Korin Wenzel (History) Rebecca Stott (Geography) Abigail Charlton (ICT) Emily Lowery (MFL) Emily Lowery (Music) Bekki Ramsey (Photography) Sally Coates (RE Full Course) Caitlin Burke (Science) Cain Smith (GCSE PE) Alicia Stewart (The Moira Cansfield Award for Excellence in Mathematics) Charlotte Hubbard (Ian Jerred Award for Most Improved Student – Progress) Brydon Kenney (The Hays Travel Award for Best Overall GCSE results) Alexander Cleasby (QE Sixth Form Award) Shannon Spark (Mayor’s Award Community Spirit) Cain Smith (Adelaide Accolade) Bekki Ramsay (Brusselton’s Best) Sam Nelson (The Deanery Legend).

Deputy Headteacher, Mr Ron Milton was very proud of the year group and their achievements “It was fantastic to welcome back the Class of 17 and their parents to the Sunnydale Campus to celebrate their GCSE success. During their time with us, they were a group of students who paid a huge effort to their studies and acted as positive role models to others in the school community. It was great to hear how they are progressing with their post 16 choices and this is an exciting time in their lives, we wish them all the very best for the future.”

The evenings offered a lovely opportunity for all the students and families to catch-up and share some great memories, chatting with staff and bringing each other up-to-date with plans for the future. Staff at Greenfield Community College would like to thank everyone involved for two wonderful evenings and look forward to keeping in touch with future progress.


“Super” Cree Men at “Super Shed” Grand Opening

posted 7 Nov 2017, 05:49 by Daniel Potts   [ updated 13 Nov 2017, 00:09 ]


Greenfield Cree have once again been working hard to bring something very special to the community.  In partnership with PCP (Pioneering Care Partnership) in Newton Aycliffe they have designed and built a new ‘Super Shed’ which will be a fantastic asset to the PCP garden project.

There was a great response to the new structure, with over fifty people in attendance at the launch which included representatives from the many contributors who had provided their services and materials at a reduced cost or free to the project.  These included CEMEX who donated half price concrete, Palram, Newton Aycliffe who supplied plastic sheeting for the skylights, windows and wall linings and sky lights, and BTS who provided the roof free of charge!  Palram and BTS were also good enough to supply expert manpower to help carry out the work.

The Shed will be invaluable to the garden project, many of the gardeners themselves were present, one of the leads David, who is a wheelchair user gave a small speech explaining just how the new “Super Shed” would make a difference.  The shed will enable him to come along more often especially during inclement weather, and also how good it would be to be able to access the tools and equipment for himself.

The  Chair and CEO of the PCP were in attendance alongside Howard Leslie who leads the garden project, Howard acknowledged the generosity of the Cree Men - designing and building the shed would allow the scale of the gardening project to grow.  The project promotes wellbeing and friendship for the gardeners, an ethos which is at the heart of Cree.  Also as a bi-product there is a lot of produce – strawberries, potatoes, leeks and pears, which participants can take home to use. 

Greenfield Cree were well represented at the event with 12 members attending alongside group leader Richard Agar and they thoroughly appreciated the scones and tea and the opportunity to meet and chat with the gardening group, company representatives and the PCP team that has assisted them in this extremely successful and well-received project.

Cree is a GAMP public health funded project led by Greenfield Arts which promotes well-being through community projects and new members are always welcome, anyone wishing to know a little bit more about Cree and Greenfield Arts should contact our friendly team on 01325 379048 or check out our website

Greenfield Students ‘Burn Bright’ at Book Launch

posted 7 Nov 2017, 05:47 by Daniel Potts   [ updated 13 Nov 2017, 00:11 ]

Greenfield students deserve well-earned congratulations for their fabulous contribution to a recent project which resulted in the publication of a poignant collection of work.

The book, “Burning Bright : An Anthology of Love, Lived in Shildon” was a collaboration between Shildon Alive, St. Johns Church, St. Johns Primary and the Sunnydale Campus of Greenfield Community College.

Earlier this year students were invited to write no more than 100 words about ‘the person who lights up your life’.  Their contributions were transcribed and put together into the heart-warming anthology.  At the launch event all contributors were pleased to receive two free copies of the book, one for themselves and one for the person they wrote about.  It was a lovely informal evening with refreshments, readings and chat.

The event led by Reverend Tomlinson was a great success. Deputy Headteacher Ron Milton introduced the evening and Assistant Headteacher Kath Bennett spoke proudly about the student contributions “I’m incredibly proud of our students – I feel privileged to be able to read what they have said about the people who matter most to them.  It’s a touching and honest tribute” said Ms Bennet. 

Malcolm Gray from sponsors ‘Livin’ also addressed guests and spoke highly of the publication which they were very happy to support.  Sam Nelson, a former student, Lucy Mann from Shildon Alive and Ellie Cunningham a current Year 9 student gave well received readings from the anthology demonstrating the quality of work included in the book and bringing a personal touch to their personal stories.

Representatives from the church and the diocese, staff from Shildon Alive and most importantly students and their guests also attended, the evening was a lovely opportunity to celebrate the work of all contributors and a big thank you to all involved.


Cree Men Inspired by Festival Fiction

posted 18 Oct 2017, 04:42 by Sophie Lewis

Greenfield Cree Men enjoyed a great session as part of Durham Book Festival recently when they were fortunate to work with a local writer and get a real sense of the positivity of expression through writing.

The visit was organised to coincide with World Mental Health Day and forms part of a wider initiative promoted by Greenfield Arts to explore and develop ideas through writing with a view to encouraging others to think and see things in new ways.

The Cree Men, based at Greenfield Arts, were invited to take part in a literary workshop led by Charles Darby-Villis where they studied the work of renowned local author David Almond, looking at his recent publication of short stories Half a Creature from the Sea. The popular author resonates with the community spirit which is at the heart of Cree as the stories play out local themes including growing up in the North East and the Great North Run. The group were also rewarded with free copies of the book as part of the ‘Big Read’ which will be a lovely resource for Greenfield and the local community.

The invitation came about as a mark of recognition for the valuable contribution the group have made working on their recent ‘Little Library project’ in partnership with New Writing North and the fabulous contribution that this has made to communities throughout the region.

Cree is a GAMP public health funded project led by Greenfield Arts which promotes well-being through community projects and new members are always welcome, anyone wishing to know a little bit more about Cree and Greenfield Arts should contact our friendly team on 01325 379048 or check out our website

Glowing Report for Greenfield

posted 11 Oct 2017, 06:29 by Sophie Lewis

Greenfield Community College opened their doors and welcomed year 6 students and their families recently. This year’s annual open events proved very popular with families who were able to meet students and staff to discover what makes Greenfield a distinctive school in order to make an informed choice about their choice of secondary school. Families were able to get a real sense of the positive environment and the excellent facilities on offer, including the recent investment of 2.6 million pounds in phase one of the schools renovation programme. There were lots of opportunities to be ‘hands on’ as they experienced taster sessions throughout the school. Parents said “the range of opportunities at Greenfield look great” and “What a lovely atmosphere.” 

Executive Headteacher David Priestley welcomed everyone to the school speaking about the high aspirations and achievements at Greenfield. He highlighted the 100% commitment to treating every child as an individual. He ensured that visitors were able to listen to students who spoke eloquently about their personal experiences and how proud they are of their school.

Mr Priestley invited everyone to take the time to look around, meet people and ask questions in order to make their own decisions. All subjects ran active sessions and staff were delighted with the positive feedback they received. Feedback shows that people were really impressed with the commitment and skills of the staff to achieve the very best for students. The quality of care and support was applauded. The quality of the sample menu was also very popular. Staff look forward to welcoming back a new cohort in September to be part of Greenfield's exciting journey to excellence.

New Courses Available at Greenfield Arts

posted 10 Oct 2017, 12:55 by Sophie Lewis

As we approach the October Half Term, we look forward to the start of a whole host of new courses, running on a weekly basis.

We welcome the return of weekly ‘Core Arts’ group led by artist Alison Curry, which is now hosted fortnightly on a Thursday evening and is intended to give participants of all abilities a chance to dispel misconceptions and experience a variety of core creative skills, including ceramics and drawing. The aim is to enable bespoke weekly development or progression onto Specialist Arts courses.

The latest addition to our Thursday Masterclass offer is ‘Decorative Plaster Casting’ held on 26th October 12pm to 4pm, where you will be able to make decorative flower fossil wall hangings, with artist Fiona Gray, who currently has her work on display in The Craft Programme.

We also look forward to the introduction of our advanced courses in Painting and Photography starting after Half Term. These courses are designed to offer participants a place to work on more detailed pieces of work with the guidance of a professional artist. They will also give participants the time and space to develop their own creativity and maybe even aim towards entry into The Greenfield Gallery Annual Open Art Exhibition in March 2018.

The October Holidays will launch our season of creative writing and illustration events with a fabulous activity day on Saturday 28th October 10am – 2pm, including activities for both adults and young people to learn and explore together.

Activities include the ever popular ‘Family Cooking’, work with Jan Hodgson to develop recipes to keep the whole family happy and healthy, then produce your own meals as a family to take home and enjoy. We will also be hosting story making activities including book making with Dawn Belshaw and creative writing with Alison Curry. We are working in connection with The Big Draw 2017, which is focussing on #LivingLines2017. We want to see how imaginative you can be in making your pencil marks move and your work could even go towards the Big Draw Awards 2017. We will have plenty more opportunities on offer to keep you entertained throughout the day. Details of all activities can be found on our website where you can also book your place. Activities are suitable for any age, children under 8 must be accompanied by an adult.

For more information, check out the website:, or speak with one of our lovely team members on 01325 379048 or

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