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Our Vision

School Vision

Greenfield strives to be a high-performing Specialist Community Arts College with a distinctive ethos committed to excellence. We make every effort to raise aspirations and transform lives in a successful learning community which promotes confidence and independence. We value the whole person and every person with equal ambition for the development of both students and staff.  We use creativity, innovation and collaboration to achieve quality outcomes for students and their families within a learning community which continues to build on success and move forward.

To do this we will provide quality teaching and learning so that all students make at least expected progress in Maths and English [and an increasing number make more than expected progress] and achieve strong outcomes across all subjects; raise the aspirations and lift the expectations of students, staff, parents/carers and the wider communities; strive for excellence for all, through a ‘no excuses’ and creative approach [‘so what ….. now what’] to barriers to learning and success.  Enhance curiosity, wonder and love of learning through enquiry, questions and exploration, supported by T4S and our Arts and Science specialism.  Engender a harmonious school community, underpinned by tolerance and respect so that students are well prepared for life in modern Britain and for contributing to the global community.