GCSE Results 2018

Congratulations to our Year 11 students and their fantastic GCSE results. The Summer results have shown a significant increase in progress.  


Summary of Key Stage 4 results for 2017-2018:

GCSE English – 69% grades 9-4

GCSE Mathematics – 69% grades 9-4

60% passed both English and Maths


Total Number of Grade 9’s – 38

Total Number of Grade 8’s - 71


14 students achieved a grade 9 in one or more subjects

51 students achieved a grade 7 or higher in one or more subjects

100% of PE and Textile students achieved their target and a grade equivalent to a 5+ or above.


Comparing data with 2016-2017 cohort

An increase of 33% of students achieving their Maths target.

An increase of 43% of students achieving their Science target.

An increase of 18% of students achieving their English Language target.


Student Case Studies

Robert Beaston achieved eight grade 9’s, one A* and one grade 8.

Abigail Charlton achieved six grade 9’s, one A and one grade 8.

Ben Maxfiled achieved four grade 9’s, two A’s and four grade 8’s.

Chloe Marie Bell achieved three grade 9’s, two A’s and three grade 8’s.

Rosie Elvidge achieved three grade 9’s, one A* and four grade 8’s.